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High quality Fingerprint lock door lock Mamufacturer in China Good price

High quality Fingerprint lock door lock Mamufacturer in China Good price


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Item number:  HPG833

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Compare the opening situation on the door with the opening diagram

If it does not match, it needs to be re drilled

Install the lock body first according to the direction of the door opening

If the direction is not correct

Using a slotted screwdriver

Pry it out at this position

Then the lock shaft rotates in the direction we need

Then proceed with the installation

Tighten the screws

Installing the front panel

Install the two hollow studs onto the front panel and lock them tightly

Tighten with pliers

If the lock is turned in the wrong direction

Unscrew the cross screw at this position

Rotate the lock in another direction

Fixing screws

Install the upper shaft

Pay attention to installation

The small circular holes on the door lock and square shaft need to be aligned

Thread them together with a cotter pin

Return the shaft to ensure that they do not fall off

Our lock is in the right direction

So we need to turn this place in the R direction

When installing, first thread the wire out of the square shaft and align it with the lock cylinder hole

Installing the rear panel

Open the battery cover and decorative cover

If the orientation of the rear panel is incorrect

Need to unscrew the screws like the front panel

Adjusting the paddles of the anti lock shaft

Need to be cut according to the thickness of the door

If it does not exceed the thickness of the door

Based on a length behind the door

Then plug in the connecting cable

Plug all the connecting wires into the lock hole

Align the paddles of the anti lock shaft

Align the square axis of the upper handle

Install screws

Don't tighten the screws too tightly for now

Convenient adjustment of door lock position

Adjust the lock before tightening the screws

Install the decorative cover and battery

Test whether the lock can operate normally

Test key unlocking

installation is complete

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